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MZGF Philosophy

MZGF Furniture was founded by Designer Zhao Lei in 2010. The brand focuses on exploring various materials, impeccable details, distinctive design and high quality to build a convincing style. MZGF’s commitment to customers translates into display spaces where the image of the brand is communicated through every product which strengthen the company concept, while testifying to the commitment of the brand to a high-end focused lifestyle philosophy. The main strength of the brand MZGF lies in consistency and a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, fashion and comfort.


In 2010
  • MZGF was founded in Hangzhou, and established its core brand value:

  • -We only use sustainable wood, and against all illegal wood
  • -Research the tablet packaging to improve the efficiency of industry
  • -Expand the environmental coating: wax oil
  • -Popularize and promote industry transparency
In 2011
  • MZGF launched its Weibo, Douban, Youku and other social media platform, attracted the public attention quickly.

In March 2011
  • MZGF launched its Taobao shop

In 2016
  • confirm the future direction "International aesthetics, modern wood", along with the company's mission, vision and culture

  • MZGF’s mission

  • "Lead the direction of modern home’s aesthetics, and provide Chinese users with system solutions from home furnishing to the interior design."
  • MZGF’s vision

  • "Become the most valuable home furnishing brand in china."
  • — Use the Internet + to reshape the business model
  • — R & D highly designed and highly valued modern furniture
  • — Create high-end brand with rich content
  • MZGF’s culture

  • "Provide the customers with the best products and service."
In September 2016
  • aunched MZGF Tmall flagshop, official website. At the same time, start working with outstanding domestic interior designers with different projects.

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