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Wood + Wood

Solid wood craft

Veneer+ Wood

Solid wood covered with Veneer

Veneer + MDF

MDF covered with Veneer

Wood + MDF

MDF framed by wood covered with veneer

Marble + wood

Wood covered with marble

Metal + wood

Wood covered with metal

Leather + Wood

Wood covered with leather

Fabric + wood

Wood covered with fabric


Solid wood

Solid wood Black walnut

Black walnut has the highest economic value of American hardwood species. It is known for its beautiful graining, and is often known as the aristocracy of the wood.


The white oak is a kind of wood species in the United States. The wood is hard and heavy with elegant color and nice graining, besides, it also wears resistance.


Beech is Europe's most important commercial timber species with fine details, straight texture and excellent processing performance.


Super thin natural marble

MZGF uses the ultra-thin marble process which is a cutting-edge equipment and technology from Italy. Combined with the high-tech products from the French aircraft technology which combine the aluminum honeycomb. It is one of the most advanced environmental protection materials in the world.Product features:Light weight, high impact strength, anti-chemical corrosion, passing the acid freezing and thawing test, anti-fouling, easy to wash and easy to install.

Microfiber leather

MZGF used microfiber leather which has the characteristics of resistant, breathable, resistant to aging, belonging to the new high-grade leather. The appearance of super fiber leather is beautiful, and can make the users feel more than genuine leather. Therefore, it has become the most ideal choice to replace the natural leather.


We select warmer and thicker flannel to create a warm atmosphere for home furnishing. It has fluffy and soft touch with excellent performance in color fastness, abrasion resistance and anti-pilling.


Feather is soft and comfortable, and has a temperature regulating function, therefore it is commonly used as the filler for sofa. The feather we selected is controlled within the length of 2-4cm, contained between 3-5%, the cleanliness is over 600mm. It is far exceeding the national standard.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a kind of gold and copper alloy. Due to its gorgeous color, it is popular in fashion design. Rose gold was popular in the early nineteenth Century in Russia, and thus also known as the Gold Russian.
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