Common Problem

About where to buy

Q:Where I can buy MZGF’s furniture?

A:MZGF have two online shops currently, Tmall Flagshop and Taobao, every product you see from our official website, you can buy them from our online shops. 

Tmall Flagshop:   Taobao Shop:

Q:Where I can try and experience all MZGF’s furniture?

A:MZGF’s Showroom: 3/F Building A, No.2 Jingshanling Road, Huifeng Center, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Open time: 9:00-17:00, everyday. Do not need to make an appointment. We have all the products you want to try, besides, we provide you with VR to better experience our projects.

Exhibitions: MZGF will attend different furniture exhibitions regularly every year. You can find more information from our “Latest News”

About the Products

Q:How does MZGF reduce the cracks?

Wood remains an alive material, which adapts sensitively to the individual local climate. It expands or shrinks according to the air humidity or heat. Within the range of care products, MZGF offers a care and cleaning set for oiled/waxed wood surfaces. If you have any questions, please contact with our sales team. 

Q:Can MZGF’s furniture be tailored made?

A:All MZGF’s furniture is ordered by a large quantity, therefore, we do not provide any personalized products. However, our company will try to provide more kinds of materials, size, and styles to meet customers ‘requests.

Q:Is the nitro lacquer MZGF used environmental-friendly and safe?

The main purpose of nitro lacquer is to protect the wood and make the furniture better. 

Q:What kind of solid wood does MZGF use?

All of our wood comes from sustainable forest, and we import them from more developed countries such as USA and Germany. 

General care instruction for solid wood furniture

Q:How to avoid scratches?

A:Wipe the furniture with a soft cotton cloth.

Use cushions when dismount furniture.

Please be careful when touch the hard objects.

Do not use sandpaper to polish the nitro paint furniture.

Q:How to remove the water stains?

A:Spilled fluids need to be wiped-up immediately.

Use coasters when the container need to be placed for a long time

Avoid the acid / alkaline liquid (nail polish / detergent / soda).

Q:How to reduce cracking?

A:Avoid the direct sunlight, and for indoor use only.

Try to keep the temperature / humidity stable, and use humidifier under heating season / air conditioning. 

About Media

Q:How to collect manuscript or related information?

A:You can register and download all the relative information from our official website. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact with our marketing department.

About architects, designers and Interior designers

Q:Does MZGF have any cooperative projects with architects, designers and Interior designers?

A:Yes, we do. Please contact with our marketing department by adding the Wechat account below.

Q:How you download 2D/3D/CAD materials?

A:You can register first and download all the relative information from our official website. Or you can add the our marketing department’s Wechat account below.

Scan the QR Code and follow our official Wechat account